Japan Stewardship Initiative Secretariat

Japan Exchange Group, Inc. Sustainability Dept.
ICJ, Inc. Engagement Solutions Dept.

Phone: +81-3 4533 0344 (ICJ direct)

Precautions regarding inquiries

Japan Exchange Group, Inc. and ICJ, Inc. jointly serve as the secretariat of JSI, and ICJ manages member information and information related to inquiries as part of its operation.

The personal information you enter will be provided to the Steering Committee, which is composed of the Steering Committee, observers, and the secretariat, and will be used for the purpose of managing and operating JSI. The personal information you enter will be managed appropriately by ICJ. When we outsource the handling of personal information, we will outsource the personal information you enter only to the outsourced company that meets the requirements, and manage it appropriately. The personal information you enter will be promptly discarded after the work of our secretariat is completed.

For the handling of personal information at ICJ, please refer to “Handling of Personal Information” at the following URL.

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